About Us

“Pick Fresh as early as sunrise set at our highland farm to give you the best fresh natural and organic vegetables right on your table.”
We are grown as a farmer family background, and we do know how farmer life in the village was. Now it is time for us as young generation to change the Balinese farmer life by doing fair trade, develop technology on the farming and also doing integrated farming along with the tourism industry such as hotel, restaurant and catering. Bali Pick Fresh commits to maintain the product quality as our company taglines, delivering the green vegetables as soon as it is “pick harvest” from our farm and plasma farm in the highland of Bedugul. Please assist us to give better life to Balinese farmer by purchasing these products, and your effort will give big impact to Bali rural life.

Our Story

Import but Local
We do import all our seeds vegetables to ensure the quality and product result. The imported product is according to the guidance ingredient of Western and Asian culinary industry. However we do grow it locally, right here in Bali Island highland. This is to support Balinese local farmer to get a sustainable jobs and new product knowledge, new technology apply during planting and growing also get assistances on how to get a result as original import vegetables is.


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